ProFIT Project ‘Decellularised Stented Heart Valve (DGH)’

We are pleased to share the approval of our latest research project, the ‘Decellularised Stented Heart Valve (DGH)’. This project aims to develop the first decellularised stented surgical aortic valve, offering an alternative to glutaraldehyde-treated valves.

By shifting away from glutaraldehyde-treated valves, we aim to address a significant challenge in modern biological heart valves: structural valve deterioration. Our strategy involves using Auto Tissues decellularised pericardial tissue for the leaflets, combined with an optimised stent geometry developed through rapid prototyping. This approach promises to produce a heart valve with superior hydrodynamics.

Importantly, our decellularised tissue has shown excellent biocompatibility in patients, without any reported instances of calcification. The combination of all this can lead to a new generation of surgical heart valves.

As the project progresses, we anticipate providing heart valves that reduce the risk of bleeding, eliminate the need for costly permanent medication, and lower the likelihood of reoperations. We acknowledge the potential impact of the ‘Decellularised Stented Heart Valve (DGH)’ project and affirm our dedication to advancing cardiovascular care through innovation and excellence. Stay tuned for further updates.

The project is funded by the Berlin Senate and co-funded by the European Union.