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We are a biotechnology company focussing on the development and manufacturing of biological medical devices. Our cell-free implants minimize the need for long-term medication, which helps to reduce possible negative side effects. This can significantly improve the quality of life, especially for younger patients.
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Auto Tissue Berlin uses a proprietary and patented glutaraldehyde-free process to decellularize and sterilize the biological tissue. Decellularized tissue has repeatedly proven to be superior to glutaraldehyde-treated tissue in terms of durability, especially in children.

Contract Manufacturing

Auto Tissue Berlin also offers contract research and manufacturing services for all types of biological tissue, and supports engineering, design and prototyping of cardiovascular devices.



The Matrix Patch™ is a cell-free equine pericardial patch for vascular reconstruction and cardiac defect repair. It is primarily used in pediatric cardiac surgery and for valve repair in adults.


Latest News

November 7, 2022

New publication: Mid-term performance of decellularized equine pericardium in congenital heart surgery

Ana Pita Fernandes from Hospital General Gregorio Maranon Madrid, Spain, published a video case report on CTS-Net.

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August 28, 2022

New Dealer in Mexico

Mike Krüll from MKJ-Trade is the new dealer for Auto Tissue Berlin in Mexico.

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August 13, 2022

New video: Tricuspid valve patch augmentation with annular detachment in thin leaflet valves

Dr. Amirghofran from Faghihi Hospital Shiraz published a video case report on CTSNet.

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