Immediate stop of business relations with Russia

With immediate effect, we are ending the business relationship with Auroramed in St. Petersburg. Therefore, there is currently no possibility to use our products in Russia.

Although we are heartbroken that innocent patients may be affected by this decision, our values are too fundamentally different from those of our previous business partners (see email of Sophia Grigorieva below) to accept this without comment.

“Dear all,

You are not on the side of the Ukrainian people, you are on the side of the government of Ukraine, which is currently Nazi. It (government of Ukraine) does not allow even now the idea that it is necessary to evacuate the civilian population, citizens of Ukraine and foreign students, keeping them in the war conflict zone and placing weapons inside residential areas, kindergartens and schools.

Since 2014, this government has killed over 10,000 people in Donbas. Civilians, women, children. It was in your power to stop these killings. But the West did not notice this. And this decision is not constructive and it is not directed against the actions of the Russian government, but against the Taman company, personally director Marina Anpilova. And against dozens of people who have operations planned to save their lives.

It’s up to you. Open your eyes and see what is really happening. And stop dancing to the American and British tunes.

You are under the influence of the media, which is pumping you with fake information. You are educated people and you have all the resources to get objective information.

С уважением, Софья Григорьева
Менеджер по развитию”