New video: Tricuspid valve patch augmentation with annular detachment in thin leaflet valves

Ahmad Ali Amirghofran from Faghihi Hospital, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran, published a video case report on CTSNet.

Amirghofran AA.Tricuspid Valve Patch Augmentation with Annular Detachment in Thin Leaflet Valves. CTS-Net August 2022. doi:10.25373/ctsnet.20449707.v1


In this video, a technique of annular detachment — rather than a cusp incision technique — is demonstrated. In this technique, augmentation is performed at the level of the ring, leaving the thin leaflet untouched. Annular detachment leaves a substantial bulk of tissue on the leaflet side, effectively allowing for firm and reliable suturing. The annular side is securely repaired during patch augmentation. Finally, an annuloplasty ring is placed. Short-, intermediate-, and long-term results have confirmed the safety and reliability of the annular detachment technique.