New video: Two-Stage Repair of IAA Type A.

Luigi Di Pasquale and coworkers recently published a video in the Multimedia Manual of Cardio-thoracic Surgery. They used the Auto Tissue Berlin Matrix Patch equine for aortic arch repair.


Treatment of interrupted aortic arch (IAA) is inherently challenging. A single-stage complete repair has become the standard in contemporary practice.

While palliation, in general, has fallen out of favor, a 2-stage approach to correcting selected type A IAA appears to be a productive, safe, and effective option, considering the neonatal age at repair.

In this video tutorial, the authors demonstrate their preferred technique for neonatal aortic arch repair and pulmonary artery banding, which constitute the first stage of the 2-stage repair. Key steps of stage 1 repair are demonstrated and the arguments supporting our approach are presented. This approach significantly reduces morbidity and results in a well-palliated ventricular septal defect (VSD).

The authors also briefly discuss stage 2 of the repair, which is a straightforward VSD closure and pulmonary artery debanding procedure when the child is older and more resilient.