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Product Description

The Matrix Patch equine from Auto Tissue Berlin GmbH is a cell-free tissue patch that is obtained from the horse’s pericardium (so-called equine pericardium).

Biological implants derived from animals cannot be used in humans without appropriate pre-treatment due to rejection reactions. Glutaraldehyde has been used for the treatment of biological animal materials for over 50 years. However, this chemical has some serious disadvantages. Firstly, it is highly toxic and therefore cannot be used in the operating theatre in Europe today. Secondly, all biological tissues treated with glutaraldehyde tend to shrink and calcify over time. This second disadvantage is especially a problem when using glutaraldehyde-treated material in childhood because here all metabolic processes take place at a high speed. Shrinkage and calcification can therefore lead to loss of function of the biological implant in the growing child within a few years, sometimes even within a few months.

An alternative to tissue treatment with glutaraldehyde is the so-called decellularisation. In a complex process, all cells are removed from the animal tissue. Essentially only the supporting tissue of collagen and elastin remains. Collagen is responsible for the stability and elastin for the elasticity of the tissue. Without cells, the tissue originating from the animal can be implanted in humans without causing rejection reactions. Shrinkage and calcification, as they occur in biological material treated with glutaraldehyde, have not been observed so far. The equine pericardial patch available from Auto Tissue Berlin has been commercially available since 2011 and has so far been used more than 15,000 times worldwide.

Scope of the Matrix Patch equine

The Matrix Patch equine from Auto Tissue Berlin is a versatile product for use in heart surgery. It can be used to repair constricted vessels, close holes in the heart, and reconstruct heart valves.

Follow-up Examinations

The Matrix Patch equine from Auto Tissue Berlin does not require any special follow-up examinations. Required follow-up examinations are mainly due to the existing heart defect, even if it has been corrected surgically.

If you have any questions regarding necessary follow-up examinations for your heart defect, please contact your attending physician.

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