Matrix Patch™
equine pericardial patch

Product Flyer

The Matrix Patch™ equine is a cell-free equine-derived pericardial patch for defect repair in pediatric cardiac surgery.

The Matrix Patch™ equine shows excellent mechanical stability very similar to conventional glutaraldehyde-treated pericardial patches. Its handling is more flexible and reveals improved suture properties with reduced needle-hole bleeding.

The Matrix Patch™ equine is manufactured without glutaraldehyde, using a unique process that prevents the accumulation of calcium in the tissue.

Equine pericardium has been shown to provide excellent mechanical properties, biological compatibility, and freedom from transmissible diseases.

The Matrix Patch™ equine is shipped in an antibiotic solution and can be stored at 4 – 8 °C for up to 18 months. The patch is available off-the-shelf and, except for a short rinse to remove the antibiotics, can be used without further preparation.

In Europe the Matrix Patch™ equine is available in the following sizes:

3×3 cm, 5×5 cm, 8×4 cm, 8×8 cm, 10×5 cm.